Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Bench

Often it is very essential to carry out the maintenance and repair of hydraulic cylinders. Extensive and long period use of a hydraulic cylinder will result in many problems. The problem can be in piston, bore, piston rods, piston rings etc. Hydraulic cylinder repair bench is used for carrying out repair and maintenance work of hydraulic cylinders. Basically hydraulic cylinder repair bench is a tool kit to facilitate the assembly, disassembly, lubrication and to perform other servicing. SH Engineering is one of the very few hydraulic cylinder repair bench manufacturers in the world. We supply this bench to across the globe like USA, UK, Dubai, Germany, Kuwait, Africa, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.

HCRB-SHE1 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Bench provides a secure platform for disassembling, servicing and reassembling hydraulic cylinders. The HCRB-SHE1 provides hydraulic assist to remove and reinstall the piston assembly. The large amounts of torque can be generated by hydraulic power system to remove and reinstall the hydraulic cylinder. The piston nut require for max torque for removing the same way, with up to 4000kgm of available torque.


  • Over all size - 7000 x 950 x 1200mm
  • Extraction cylinder length – 3000mm
  • Working pressure – 140 bar
  • Max. torque - 4000 kg.m
  • Power required – 15hp(11kw)
  • Standard voltage -415



Clevis Support

For holding the eye section of piston/cylinder. Here, female clevis with adjustable slide plate to accept 50 to 200mm wide clevis

Large face lock Wrench

Large face lock wrench attached to piston face.. The piston nut size from 100 to 400mm

Piston Rod Support

For supporting the piston rod of size 50 to 200mm dia

Large Universal Wrench

Large universal high torque wrench attached to hex piston retaining nuts from 50mm to 200mm across flats.

Sliding V Block – Roller Type

For supporting piston rod dia50 to 280mm

Sliding V Block

For supporting cylinder body of external dia 100 to 400

Cylinder Body Clamp

With Triplex chain For Clamping Cylinder body of Dia 100 to 400mm

Hydraulic ratchet with 200mm Square Driver

It is a hydraulically operated ratchet mechanism. It used to remove and install the piston nut Capable of generating 4000Kg.m Torque.

Power Pack

15 hp , 3 phase induction motor, 170 ltr reservoir 2stage vane pump developing 140 bar pressure

Spanner Plates

Plates are easly and quickly installed in to the capture of the 200mm square driver of the hydraulic ratchet . Set of 12 plates are suit for 60mm to 150mm metric nut